Plug the main board, switch and buzzer blocks into your baseboard like the picture. You can click on the picture to zoom in.
Plug in the cables like the picture - the switch block should be plugged into P1, and the buzzer into P0.
Plug in your micro:bit with the USB Cable, and transfer the program you have just downloaded.
Test it out! Can you work out what the program does? When you press the switch, the buzzer should beep.
Morse Code is a way of sending messages using a series of dots (short buzzes) and dashses (long buzzes). Have a look at the chart (click on it to zoom in) for how each letter is made up - for example, an S is 3 dots. Can you work out how to send your name in Morse Code?
Can you change your invention so that it uses the LED block instead, so flashes a light when you press the button? This is how you can send morse code over long distances, like between 2 ships!
For advanced inventors - can you change the program so that it sends a distress signal, or 'SOS' automatically?