Invent! is a product of We've been running technology camps since 2008, teaching young people how to create robots, rockets, computer games, 3D printers, drones and much more!

Our experience in both electronic engineering and education is both unmatched and invaluable in designing products like Invent!. Because we have to use our own products to teach with ourselves, we know the problems that teachers experience with sub-standard tech education products and only produce kit that we'd love to use ourselves and that holds up with daily use at our camps and workshops.

We were fed-up with robot kits that didn't drive straight, ran out of batteries in minutes, and where cheap plastic gears in the motors stripped on day one. We also weren't prepared to pay £300 for a single good quality robot kit. We decided to fix the problems ourselves, and created Invent!.

Founder's Notes

Tech Camp was founded by Tom Ward, an Electrical Engineer and teacher. Tom is a self-confessed geek. He was a national winner of both the "Beyond 2000" science competition and the DDIAE computing competition whilst at school in Australia. More recently, he has been a winner of the “Circuit Cellar” Electronic Design Competition in the US, has written articles for trade journals and is the technical publisher O'Reilly ("Best of Instructables"). He was short-listed for a ‘best e-learning Initiative’ award by the Times Educational Supplement for a science learning game he developed.