Bring coding, electronics and design to life with Invent! - use the different blocks to create inventions, learn coding and make all sorts of fun projects!

The Explorer kit includes everything in the Starter Kit, and 4 advanced blocks to create more advanced projects, such as line following and drawing robots, colour lightshows, and light sensitive inventions.

Perfect for ages 7 and over, the drag-and-drop environment allows beginners to start inventing quickly, but also allows programming in Python and Javascript, suitable for the GCSE syllabus and beyond.


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Explorer Kit Contents

  1. Base board
  2. micro:bit Controller board
  3. BBC Micro:bit
  4. 1 x Line Follower Block
  5. 1 x Sparkle Block
  6. 1 x Light Sensor Block
  7. 1 x Pen Holder Block
  8. 2 x Motors
  9. 2 x Switch Blocks
  10. 1 x Buzzer Block
  11. 1 x Red/Green LED Block
  12. 1 x Magnet Block
  13. Connecting cables
  14. USB Cable
  15. 3 x AAA batteries
  16. Storage box